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Welcome to the Yale Training Requirements Assessment! This online survey is designed to help you identify and complete certain federal, state and University training and form submission requirements that apply to you. Click here for a list of frequently asked questions regarding the assessment.
  1. Click on the "Take Assessment" button below.

  2. Enter your NetID and your NetID password. Click here if you do not know your NetID. Note: Your NetID password is case-sensitive and is typically your Yale email or PPP password.

  3. Respond to each question with one of three answers: Yes, No, or I don't know. All "I don't know" answers will be followed up by the appropriate Yale department(s). Note: All questions must be answered.

  4. Review a preliminary list of training and/or form requirements based on your answers (this list will be provided to you upon submitting the assessment).

  5. Visit your Profile to learn more about your completion status.

Length of time to complete: 5-10 minutes
To best utilize this website's functionality, please be sure your PC is equipped with Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 6.0 (or higher).
What is the Training Requirements Assessment?
The assessment is an online survey designed to help employees at Yale identify federal, state and University training and form submission requirements they must complete by asking a series of questions that identify specific requirements.

What happens after I complete the assessment?
A list of training requirements (which may include certain forms) will display within the "My Profile" section of the Training and Certification Website. The list should be used as a guide to inform you about requirements that apply to you and to remind you about whether you have satisfied those requirements. In addition, a record of the training you have completed will be created.

Who sees my list of requirements?
This tool allows you, your supervisor (for staff members), dean or chair (for faculty members), and appropriate University administrators to review your training status for courses. Please note that certain courses are designated as "Private". These courses are not viewable by supervisors, deans, chairs, or University administrators. For courses marked as "Private", the word "Private" will display next to the course.

Are there different versions of the assessment?
No. All faculty and staff complete the same assessment. Postdoctoral fellows and associates and some students will also complete the assessment.

Who should complete the assessment?
Faculty, staff, postdoctoral fellows and postdoctoral associates are required to complete the assessment. Note: Only you, or your supervisor (staff), can complete the assessment. To view your supervisor information, visit the Personal Information section of the My Profile tab.

Do I need to complete this assessment? I already know my requirements.
Yes. Every Yale faculty and staff member is asked to complete the assessment. You, or your supervisor (staff), will be repeatedly notified and contacted until the assessment is completed.

How often must I complete the assessment?
You are required to fill out the assessment on a yearly basis. However, if your role or responsibilities change (for example, if you change jobs or departments) or if new regulations/requirements arise within the one-year time frame, you may be asked by your supervisor or business manager to retake the assessment or complete additional training.

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This Website contains records of current and past training enrollments and requirements. Although the Training Requirements Assessment is intended to be as comprehensive as possible, training requirements may change, and there may be instances in which a training requirement applies to an individual who has not been flagged by questions in the assessment.

For missing or inaccurate data regarding training requirements, or if you think you may have answered an assessment question incorrectly, please contact the training requirement business unit directly. (Note: Business units are identified within each requirement description of the My Profile\My Requirements section of this Website.) For technical issues regarding the assessment or Website functionality, please email the TMS system administrator at: tmsadm@yale.edu.
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