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Yale's mission is to advance, disseminate, and preserve knowledge. The Organizational Development and Learning Center supports this mission by improving the capabilities of the administrative staff and the University as a whole. We create learning opportunities and we guide staff in improving organizational performance. Our vision is that Yale will be a civil, effective, and innovative community in which to teach, learn and work. We provide two major areas of service - organizational development (OD) services and learning opportunities (expanded and innovative "training" opportunities). Go to WWW.YALE.EDU/LEARNING to learn more about the Organizational Development and Learning Center.

Training Categories

Career Development Workshops

Careers work best when you have both a long-range plan and the skills needed to advance your own career. Our career services can help you meet both needs. Our courses include preparing for interviews, writing a resume, and professionalism for success. We also link you to individual coaching opportunities where you can work one-on-one with a career coach. Our career catalog has offerings for Yale employees at all levels and for the non-Yale community members as well.

Management & Administration Workshops

Here you’ll find ways to work with your colleagues better, ways to better manage your time or your employees’ time, and ways to improve the overall University. Courses include topics such as Conflict Management, Teamwork, Turning Strategy into Results, and many more.

Preventing Workplace Violence

Workplace violence is a serious issue that affects all business sectors and occupations and the safety and security of every employee and employer. This course is designed to promote the awareness and teach practical skills to prevent and respond properly to threats, abuse, and violent behavior that employees may face from other employees, customers, vendors, or strangers in their workplace.

Special Departmental Specific Workshops

Special Departmental Specific Workshops, are courses designed solely for that department, group, or intact team. They are by invitation only. If you are interested in hosting a course for your group, please contact the Learning Center at 432-5660.

Technology Workshops

Computer Courses Onsite computer training at Yale University will make the most of your time and resources. This is the best way to become proficient in the desktop computer applications and technical training arena. Take a moment to review our vast array of computer course titles. Custom & Group Services In the area of Computer Training, professionals are available to assist with the customized training sessions, classroom rentals, membership and group discounts and software consultation support. Explore this link to learn more about these unique services.

Organizational Development & Learning Center
221 Whitney Avenue, 3rd Floor
P.O. Box 208354
New Haven CT 06520 - 8354
(203) 432-5660(Phone)
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