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The Yale Medical Group Training Department provides training for Yale School of Medicine employees to perform the essential duties of their position within YSM. In addition to traditional EMR application training YMG’s training department provides web based training and detailed workflow training to clinical and patient financial service employees YSM. Currently, YMG uses Epic as their EMR and practice management system for billing professional services. YMG’s Training Department also provides the following mandated and support system training:

-Customer Service and PHI Training (YMG Mandated)

-Compliance and PHI Training (Federally Mandated)

-Precision BI Reporting Training (Decision Support)

-Office Applications Training (Office Support)

Training Categories

EPIC Training

EPIC Training


Required training per the Federal government for medical school employees.


Applications used in supporting EPIC.

YMG Centralized Worker's Compensation Program

YMG Centralized Worker's Compensation Program Training

YMG Customer Service Training

Customer Service Training

Yale Medical Group Training
300 George St
6th Fl
New Haven CT 06511
(203) 737-5739(Phone)
(203) 737-1729(Fax)

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