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Tool/Machine Safety Awareness
 Tools and machines are used to alter, separate, or join a variety of materials. Typical operations include: cutting, striking, fastening, chopping, bending, grinding, slicing, and polishing processes. Materials worked may include wood, metal, stone, glass and a host of synthetics. While tools are frequently used in campus shops, laboratories, and various other areas, we become complacent and quickly forget how dangerous they can be especially when the hazards are not known and without proper training. This course will provide a basic overview of the hazards involved with use of tools and machines, and how to minimize the risk of such hazards. Course topics may include: • Shop and tool use policies and procedures • Tool safeguarding, inspections and use • Procedures for reporting damaged equipment • Importance of obtaining tool specific training
Objective Audience
  • • Understand shop and tool use policies and procedures • Recognize potential tool hazards and importance of safeguards • Know the importance of inspections and maintenance to ensure safe tool operation • Understand basic tool use procedures and importance of obtaining tool specific training and authorization
  • Various departments and personnel on campus perform jobs involving machine and tool use. Course attendees may include: • Physical Plant, Facilities, Faculty, Students, Dining Hall employees, and anyone in the Yale Community who interacts with tools or machines.
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