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Working Safely with Ticks
 This Biosafety Training course is designed as both an initial and refresher training for researchers and animal handlers who are participating in research experiments or the support of research experiments in the lab and in animal areas that involve ticks. The training will: review the unique hazards associated with ticks; provide instruction for worker protection when performing research with ticks and ticks harboring known or potential infectious agents; review the work practice, personal protective equipment and engineering controls for working safely with ticks; and describe emergency response and reporting procedures for incidents associated with ticks.
Objective Audience
  • To provide awareness of the range of risks involved in research with ticks. To ensure that those with potential exposure to tick and tick-borne diseases are equipped with the knowledge of how to protect themselves and minimize exposure when working with ticks. To provide instructions on emergency response procedures involving ticks, including tick attachments, exposures and loss or release of ticks.
  • Researchers and animal handlers who are directly handling ticks or animals involved in experiments utilizing ticks in a laboratory or field setting. Any person who may handle a tick or a cage of animals harboring ticks.
    Approval Required None
    Delivery Type Instructor Led
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