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Below are the various University sponsors providing training and form submission requirements.

Alumni Affairs & Development  Email to Owner

No Description Available

Animal Care & Use  Email to Owner

Yale University is committed to the humane care and use of all animals used for research, testing and teaching. The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee is responsible for ensuring that all personnel involved in animal care and use are appropriately qualified to conduct the proposed activities in accordance with federal, state, local and Institutional regulations.

Being Well at Yale  Email to Owner

Being Well at Yale works with partners across the university, creating a culture of wellness by supporting Yale faculty and staff in leading healthier lifestyles.

Best Practices  Email to Owner

Best Practices is the formal joint collaboration between Yale and UNITE HERE Locals 34 and 35. The Best Practices Group is responsible for facilitating jointly structured task forces, campus-wide projects, Joint Departmental Committees (JDCs) and other mechanisms to promote positive union-management relations, improve employee satisfaction, increase productivity, improve customer service, prevent and resolve conflicts and discuss ongoing issues and changes in the workplace.

CTSA/YCCI  Email to Owner

No Description Available

Change Leadership & Communications  Email to Owner

FINPRO FBO Change Leadership & Communication

Change Management  Email to Owner

No Description Available

Clerical & Technical Staff Summer Training Program  Email to Owner

A cornerstone of the contract between Yale and Local 34 is to provide enhanced training programs. In the spirit of collaboration, this training is being planned for all university administrative staff. There is a wide variety of courses and programs available for staff to bolster their skills or to explore different job families. C&Ts should record their time using the code “Training Release Time” in MyTime. Each C&T is contractually entitled to up to 30 hours of training time per year.

Any updates to the date/time and/or location of course can be found at CT Training and Development.

Conflict of Interest Office  Email to Owner

Yale University is committed to ensuring that the research, consultation, and other activities of faculty and non-faculty employees are conducted properly and consistently with the principles of openness, trust, and free inquiry that are fundamental to the autonomy and well-being of a university and with the responsible management of the University's business. In pursuit of its own mission, and consistent with federal regulations, Yale has formulated a policy and procedures to identify and address potential, actual, and apparent conflicts of interest and commitment. The Provost's Committee on Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment is charged generally with reviewing disclosure forms and making recommendations with respect to any actions required to eliminate, reduce or manage conflicts of interest and commitment.

Cushing Whitney Medical Library  Email to Owner

No Description Available

DARCY Training  Email to Owner

No Description Available

EMS Purchasing Card Office  Email to Owner

No Description Available

Employee Services  Email to Owner

Yale's Employee Service Center is your primary resource for employee benefits, payroll, and personal information.

Environmental Health & Safety  Email to Owner

Yale is committed to providing a healthy and safe environment for the Yale community. As a Yale employee it is important that you understand that everyone shares responsibility for safety at Yale University. Federal and state regulations require that employees with certain responsibilities receive training which must include information regarding job hazard, possible health effects, and required work practices and procedures.

Finance  Email to Owner

The Finance office includes the operations of both Financial Planning and the University Controller. It is responsible for managing the overall accounting, budgeting and financial planning operations of the University, coordinating the development and interpretation of financial policies and procedures, and managing the University's financial systems.

For Yale Budget Tool courses, please see process owner Finance - YBT Only

Finance-YBT Only  Email to Owner

The Finance office includes the operations of both Financial Planning and the University Controller. It is responsible for managing the overall accounting, budgeting and financial planning operations of the University, coordinating the development and interpretation of financial policies and procedures, and managing the University's financial systems.

For all other Finance courses, please see process owner, Finance.

Grant and Contract Training  Email to Owner

Yale offers a variety of training and educational sessions as well as other resources for faculty and administrators to communicate University and sponsor expectations for conducting and administering research. The Office of Sponsored Projects is committed to ensuring that all research conducted at Yale is of the highest standard. As part of our mission to promote compliance we have created a training curriculum that includes new online training modules as well as instructor-led sessions designed to assist our researchers in understanding the myriad regulations, policies and requirements in the administration of sponsored awards.

HIPAA Privacy  Email to Owner

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) mandates that health care providers and health plans protect the privacy of health information and affords patients certain rights with respect to that information. HIPAA training is required to ensure that these new requirements are appropriately met at Yale. Yale offers on-line training and will have periodic seminars which take about one hour to complete. Click here to access the HIPAA training Website.

Hopper Training  Email to Owner


Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research (hESC)  Email to Owner

No Description Available

Human Resources  Email to Owner

No Description Available

Human Resources - Benefits Planning  Email to Owner

No Description Available

Human Resources - Staffing  Email to Owner

No Description Available

Human Subjects Research  Email to Owner

The Yale University IRBs help support the research enterprise through the careful implementation and monitoring of federal regulations and University policy. We strive to facilitate ethical research with human beings by fostering a collaborative and informed environment among the research community to ensure that research is designed, approved, conducted and supported in adherence to the ethical prinicples of Respect for Persons, Beneficence and Justice.

IT Community Platform Services  Email to Owner

IT Service Management (ITSM) is a proven and effective framework for helping IT organizations become more adaptive, flexible, cost-effective, and service-oriented.

IT delivers this framework by implementing a set of ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) processes, mapping those processes to appropriate tools, developing a system of measurement and metrics for reporting on the health of services and processes, leveraging the investment of staff education for organizational change support and the development of ITSM governance with continual service improvement (CSI) initiatives. This program is run by The Service Management group in ITS.

ITS CTS Faculty & Staff Support  Email to Owner

No Description Available

ITS Information Security Office (ISO)  Email to Owner

Security training for the confidentiality, integrity and availability of electronic Protected Health Information as required by the Security Rule of the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).

ITS Network Services  Email to Owner

No Description Available

Medical Billing Compliance  Email to Owner

All providers who bill for clinical services must complete one hour of medical billing compliance training annually.

Office for Equal Opportunity Programs  Email to Owner

Recognition & Prevention of Sexual Harassment training is required by Connecticut law for any employee or faculty member that supervises another person. It covers the role of the manager/supervisor in sexual harassment situations in the workplace and the policies and practices for resolution. It also includes an overview of both Federal and State laws and recent case decisions on sexual harassment issues so that supervisors understand employer and employee liabilities under the law.

Office of Cooperative Research  Email to Owner

Office of Cooperative Research works with Yale researchers to identify inventions that may ultimately become commercial products and services useful to the public.

Office of Diversity & Inclusion  Email to Owner

We provide a range of educational, cultural, social and networking events/programs to the Yale community to foster a greater awareness of the importance of diversity and inclusion at Yale.

Office of Faculty Administrative Services  Email to Owner

The Office of Faculty Administrative Services (OFAS) is responsible for administering all transactions related to faculty appointments and compensation. Services include support for faculty searches, initial appointments, reviews for promotions and reappointments, faculty leaves of absence, and departures.

Office of Public Affairs and Communications  Email to Owner

No Description Available

Office of Research Administration  Email to Owner

No Description Available

Office of the Fire Marshal  Email to Owner

No Description Available

Organizational Effectiveness & Staff Development  Email to Owner

The mission of the Organizational Effectiveness and Staff Development department is to advance institutional performance by building individual, team and organizational capability. We achieve this by providing professional development opportunities for Yale University staff and organizational development consultation to Yale University units, department and work groups.

Visit our website to learn more.

Postdoctoral Affairs  Email to Owner

Welcome to the Office for Postdoctoral Affairs, with branch offices conveniently located on the Central Campus and at the School of Medicine. We serve the needs of Postdoctoral Associates and Postdoctoral Fellows throughout the sciences, social sciences, humanities, and professional schools; and we work in concert with Yale’s many departments and schools to appoint, support, and train our postdoctoral community.

Radiology  Email to Owner

No Description Available

Research Services and Collections  Email to Owner

No Description Available

Risk Management  Email to Owner

Risk Management at Yale provides integrated management of financial and traditional risk, including the identification, evaluation, and measurement of the impact to Yale, and selection and maintenance of solutions to mitigate risks. There are many departments at Yale involved with exposures and safety; risk assessment and coordinated response are the responsibility of Risk Management.

Security Staff Training  Email to Owner

No Description Available

TMS Training  Email to Owner

No Description Available

The School of Drama  Email to Owner

No Description Available

Treasury  Email to Owner

No Description Available

West Campus  Email to Owner

No Description Available

WorkLife Program  Email to Owner

Today, it is increasingly difficult to juggle the demands of work and personal life. The Yale WorkLife Program is committed to providing comprehensive resources to improve the quality of life for members of the Yale community and their families. Workshops listed below are typically free and open to the Yale community and non-Yale community members as well. Topics address major issues that people face at different life stages. To learn more about the Yale WorkLife Program and resources go to www.yale.edu/worklife.

Workday@Yale  Email to Owner

Workday is a system used for managing human resources, payroll and finance business processes. Yale currently uses Oracle to manage these business functions, but has chosen to transition to Workday over the next few years. Workday is also the name of the company that provides the new business software product.

YCC Clinical Trials Education & Training Program  Email to Owner

No Description Available

Yale Animal Resources Center  Email to Owner


Yale Cancer Center - Pain Management Training  Email to Owner

No Description Available

Yale Finance and Business Operations  Email to Owner

The Change Leadership and Communications (CLC) unit provides expertise to the division of Finance and Business Operations (FBO) to support the delivery of administrative and business services. The unit is responsible for the development and delivery of strategic, operational, and tactical communications, integrated and coordinated communications technology development and maintenance, and end-to-end change leadership for FBO initiatives.

Yale Fleet Management  Email to Owner

Yale Fleet Management helps to provide Yale departments with resources and accessible online tools to assist them in managing their cars, vans, and trucks.

Yale Health  Email to Owner

No Description Available

Yale Health - Dermatology  Email to Owner

No Description Available

Yale Health - Employee Health  Email to Owner

Employee Health provides services to all Yale University employees including: physical exams after job offers; evaluation of work related llness/injuries/exposures; immunizations; medical surveillance; evaluation of potential communicable diseases in health care workers; fitness for duty exams; confidential HIV testing for health care workers; consultation and examination of employees who handle hazardous materials

Yale Health - Health Promotion  Email to Owner

No Description Available

Yale Health - Members Services  Email to Owner

The Member Services Department provides all of our members and Yale students with information about what their Yale Health plan covers, who is eligible, proof of coverage, how to enroll and serves as a general resource for information about Yale Health.

Yale Health - OPM  Email to Owner

Office of Performance Management

Yale Health - Obstetrics and Gynecology  Email to Owner


Yale Health - Pediatrics  Email to Owner


Yale Health - Population Health  Email to Owner

No Description Available

Yale Health - Student Wellness  Email to Owner

Student Wellness coordinates education-based programming on health topics for Yale's undergraduates, graduate and professional students. Our goal is to empower the student community with knowledge that promotes healthy lifestyle choices both on and off campus.

Yale Health - Travel  Email to Owner

Travel Health provides comprehensive pre-travel consultation, education, vaccination, and travel medications. Travel Health is available to faculty, staff, students, and Yale Health members. Our services include: Individual or family consultations; Group travel education sessions for Yale students; Travel vaccinations; Prescriptions for travel medications; Special educational sessions for those that may be at risk of exposure to blood and blood borne pathogens

Yale Medical Group Credentialing  Email to Owner

The Yale Medical Group (YMG) Credentialing department is responsible for the review and verification of information collected from a health care provider who is interested in peer review and acceptance into the YMG Clinical Practice and in participating with managed care organizations. The YMG credentialing program supports the development and maintenance of credentialing and re-credentialing standards on accordance with the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) requirements, and ensures that members who seek care from the Yale Medical Group have adequate access to a qualified provider.

The Credentialing staff collects required documentation and completes provider file, including but not limited to: obtaining primary source verifications of medical and professional licenses, medical education, residency, hospital privileges, board certification or eligibility, professional liability policy history and any applicable disciplinary actions. Secondary source verifications include obtaining copies of the provider's medical and/or professional license(s), DEA/State Controlled Substance certificates, professional liability coverage certificate and Curriculum Vitae and Work History (if applicable). Each provider must also submit a completed Universal Credentialing Application (UCA) and supportive documentation.

Yale Medical Group Training  Email to Owner

The Yale Medical Group Training Department provides training for Yale School of Medicine employees to perform the essential duties of their position within YSM. In addition to traditional EMR application training YMG’s training department provides web based training and detailed workflow training to clinical and patient financial service employees YSM. Currently, YMG uses Epic as their EMR and practice management system for billing professional services. YMG’s Training Department also provides the following mandated and support system training:

-Customer Service and PHI Training (YMG Mandated)

-Compliance and PHI Training (Federally Mandated)

-Precision BI Reporting Training (Decision Support)

-Office Applications Training (Office Support)

Yale Medicine Learning & Development  Email to Owner

The Yale Medicine Learning & Development group provides programs to enhance the health care specific knowledge, skills, and engagement of Yale Medicine employees. Programs include technology training on the EMR to professional and leadership development at Yale Medicine. The group also provides Yale Medicine Orientation and Annual Training requirements to fulfill regulatory, safety, and knowledge maintenance requirements.

Yale Police Department  Email to Owner

The Yale Police Department has 87 sworn police officers with full powers of law enforcement and arrest. Our officers are armed and patrol the campus on foot, by motorcycles, on mountain bikes, and in cars equipped with computers and radio communications systems. If minor offenses involving University rules and regulations are committed by a Yale student, the police may also refer the individual to the Yale College Dean’s Office or other academic officials. Yale Police personnel work closely with local, state, and federal police agencies, including the FBI, Secret Service, and Department of Justice, on campus events, regional law enforcement matters, training, and significant investigations concerning the campus community.

Yale School of Medicine - Internal Medicine  Email to Owner

The Department of Internal Medicine at Yale is among the nation's premier departments, bringing together an elite cadre of clinicians, investigators and educators in one of the world's top medical schools.

Yale Shared Services  Email to Owner

Yale Shared Services (YSS) is a best-in-class business service center that provides financial management and transactional processing services to schools and departments. We deliver superior business support so that faculty and staff can focus more of their efforts on their core mission and goals.

Yale Sustainability  Email to Owner

The Office of Sustainability’s mission is to advance sustainability within the Yale community by acting as a catalyst for information exchange and facilitating capacity building, innovation, streamlined operations, and preparation of tomorrow’s sustainability leaders.

Yale Travel Management  Email to Owner

Orbitz for Business is Yale's preferred way to purchase, air, hotel and car rental reservations online. Sign up for one of our hands-on clinics assisting travelers and travel arrangers with individual travel itineraries, tool functionality or travel policy issues.

Yale University Dining Services  Email to Owner

No Description Available

Yale University Library  Email to Owner

The Yale University Library, as one of the world's leading research libraries, collects, organizes, preserves, and provides access to and services for a rich and unique record of human thought and creativity. It fosters intellectual growth and supports the teaching and research missions of Yale University and scholarly communities worldwide.

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